Professional Car Mechanic, car repair, mobile: +48 690 005 325

Professional Car Mechanic, Cracow, +48 690 005 325

Car mechanic, car repair

Professional Car Mechanic” provides a wide range of garage services including servicing and repairs of passenger and commercial vehicles (up to 3.5 t). We are located at 25 Zbrojarzy St, Krakow (Borek Falecki branch) and 7C Na Blonie St, Krakow (Bronowice branch) and 21a os. Piastow, Krakow (Nowa Huta branch) and 312 Krakowska St, Zabierzow (Krakow – Zabierzow branch). Our services include:


  • powertrain repairs (engine, gearbox, clutch, turbo)
  • timing belt replacement / timing repairs
  • steering system repairs
  • cooling system repairs
  • suspension check and repairs
  • exhaust fitting/repairs
  • brakes servicing/repairs


Electronics and Electrical:

  • computer diagnostics
  • computer control systems check and repairs
  • electronics systems check and repairs (ABS, ASR , ESP )
  • charging system repairs ( alternator, battery)
  • starting system repairs ( starter, glow plugs )


Air Conditioning:

  • full air conditioning service including initial system test, system components check (hoses, belts, condenser, compressor, fans, electrics, etc), internal system controls check
  • filter replacement and recharge A/C system with refrigerant to vehicle specific levels
  • odour/bacterial removal treatment with ozone
  • leak test and repairs


Tyres vulcanisation:

  • puncture repair
  • tyre replacement and wheel balancing
  • sale and storage of wheels and tyres


Towing vehicles/Car recovery

Car Fleet Management
(contract, guaranteed reaction time, VAT invoice, comvenient payment options)

All our repairs and services come with warranty and service history of each car is stored on our database. We offer competitive prices for the services performed and the purchase of parts.

We accept credit cards and issue VAT invoices. With many years of hands-on experience and continuous training, we constantly improve the quality of our services.

We speak English.

If you need  more information, please contact us at:

e-mail: biuro [at]

How to find us:

Service Krakow Borek Falecki – here
Service Krakow Bronowice – here
Service Kraków Nowa Huta – here
Service Krakow Zabierzow – here